There’s a little information available as to who is mainly responsible for the planning and supervision of the masterplan of the 17 cities. This could be due to the fact that the masterplan covers a vast area and caters to the development requirements of different segments. Generally, urban developmental projects and other socioeconomic ventures fall under the flagship of the Sindh Planning and Development Department.

Established in the year 1970, the Sindh Planning and Development Department (P&DD) is a state-owned department that is mainly responsible for the socioeconomic development of the province. Several other departments function under the flagship of this authority, and ‘Urban Policy and Strategic planning’ is one of them. As per the official website, the department is in charge of:

  • Planning for urbanization and policy development
  • Conducting economic research
  • Providing technical assistance
  • Supervising and processing all development schemes submitted by other departments and suggesting amendments as per provincial/governmental standards
  • Evaluating and analyzing development programs in the province
  • Maintaining the association of developmental schemes with National Planning Agencies

Urban Master Plan

Backed by the recent wave of urbanization and development, the government has initiated the groundwork to form and complete a masterplan for Sindh, which will be executed before the end of this year. Through this blog, we will discuss how the Planning and Development Department (P&DD) of Sindh plans to execute this mega project and uplift the living standards in the province via strategic and well-planned urbanization. We will also analyze the future of the 17 cities that are included in the new masterplan for Sindh and how they are scheduled to generate more economic activity and investment opportunities.

Before we start detailing the key features covered in the masterplan for the 17 cities, let’s first understand the need and criticality of such a plan and provincial growth. To begin with, provincial growth schemes are deeply associated with four significantly important factors — social progress of citizens, access to civic amenities, well-developed infrastructure, and financial opportunities. These factors lead to the grass-root betterment of the society, which eventually elevates the lifestyle of an ordinary individual, decreases poverty, and introduces several other social benefits.

That said, the masterplan is going to positively affect 17 major cities in Sindh and here’s a compilation of the possible areas covered in it:

  • Urban Policy & Planning: A systematic activity, which is specifically aimed at the development of cities and is primarily proposed by the government, is known as urban policy and planning. Urban development or urban planning is associated primarily with the policy-making of land use, building environment-friendly schemes, developing infrastructure, and supervising the fair distribution of civic amenities.
  • Economic Regeneration & Investment Management: We know, and it has been proven that betterment in urban planning gives rise to several economic opportunities and generates employment in various areas, including investment management (also known as financial management).
  • Municipal Infrastructure & Services: Sindh’s masterplan for 17 citiesis aimed explicitly at bettering social communication and public services in the province. The masterplan is going to be a game-changer in terms of how people perceive government services and offices.
  • Municipal Finance & Governance: Public finance and management enable the concerned authorities to make the best use of resources to improve the quality of life in the province. A robust structure for municipal finance and governance is exceptionally important for good governance.

Now that you have a better understanding of the possible developments covered in Sindh’s masterplan for 17 cities, let’s dig some more information about the department that caters urban planning and development in the province.

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