If you’re a fan of LEGO, you may know that this company makes some fantastic designs. A lot of them are linked with intellectual homes like movies or pre-existing collections inside the line, yet others happen to be entirely unrelated to anything on the market.

We asked several designers with the LEGO Group to tell us about some of their favourite places they’ve designed and how they came up with them. The list is full of witty references to popular motion pictures and sitcoms, but as well incredibly detailed car replications . and complicated constructions which will leave you breathless.

Home By itself – This set faithfully recreated the house derived from one of of the most favorite Christmas motion pictures ever made, while also having plenty of additional familiar character types and recommendations to the film. It’s a great example of how the LEGO Concepts series can be considered a real effort between fans as well as the company.

10294 Titanic : This is probably one of the most difficult of all Creator Professional cars to look for, but it is also possibly the best looking. By using a unbelievable 750, 500 bricks, it’s a gargantuan version that normally takes 2, 500 hours best lego designs to build.

Is considered also one of the expensive LEGO models in history – whenever you can get your hands on that, you’ll be rewarded which has a jaw-dropping build that’s certain to take your breath away. Of course, if you rarely fancy the entire build-it-yourself methodology, it’s still worth trying to track down this work of genius of system.

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