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Jawed Iqbal


It gives me immense pleasure to describe the background & vast experience of “M/s GHANI BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS PVT. (LTD)

The sincerity, integrity and good names are the factors for the success of an organization. High command team work, vision, joint and consulted efforts, collective ideas and disciplines are important requisite of a successful business. As “JAWED IQBAL” my driving goal is to grow, succeed and become a leader in every business that we engage in whilst adhering to our values of integrity, respect and commitment to excellence.

I am a Creative Businessman and started my career building in the field of the Real Estate Business and accepted it as challenge to provide home to the homeless people. In order to meet the said challenge. I, first planned to establish a Property / Construction Business in the nascent market of Pakistan. I am devoted to my work and as such struggle hard and the Business began to flourish, I looked forward and planned to capitalize my success by expanding operations.

There is a deficiency in between home owners and the home seekers. This difference is increasing because of the reason that since for last decade the critical law & order situation has affected the Housing Sector and has given ample reason to concern both to the Public as well as the Private Sector Developers.

M/s Ghani Builders & Developers (Pvt) Ltd is a sister concern of Ghani Group of Companies. Jawed Iqbal founded to resolve this widening gap in the Housing Sector by providing better economical and affordable accommodations and trying to fulfill the demand and need with a special focus on the Middle Class.

With the devotion and struggles of hardship and experience of the last decade, in the specific field M/s Ghani Builders & Developers (Pvt.) Ltd today has now become one of the renown and reliable Real Estate Developed Firm, with trust, quality and value as the key attributes that contributed to the GHANI GROUP’S success. The Company has successfully carried out some projects and prepared and planned to meet with the challenges of new markets opening up in Pakistan and abroad.

During the current hard days of life our solution of providing economical and affordable homes have become stronger, then anything, and it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to state  that Ghani Builders & Developers (Pvt) Ltd can take any new Project as a challenge with missionary zeal.

Keeping in view the experience, development and progress, In-sha-Allah the future of Ghani Group seems guaranteed to flourish.

“May Allah Almighty help us to achieving the desired objectives”

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