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Humble beginnings cemented our core values – “Our business is construction. Our motivation is our pride in our organization and what it has accomplished. Integrity is our foundation, quality and fairness are our goals and caring environment is our core objective”.

I believe that there is no short cut to achieve business goals with values like moral, ethics, honesty etc. I strongly believe in hard working, delivering promised work to customer and giving preference to customer satisfaction in achieving business success. “Being one of the leading regional realestate private construction firms in Karachi Pakistan, GBD has accumulated a wide and diversified experience over the years.

The journey until today has been very challenging. We have succeeded in proving that we can deliver on our promises; we can rise to the challenge and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of our clients through applying the most advanced management policies and procedures.

A good and open working relationship I believe is essential for a successful job to be done. We will remain competitive and continue to lead in the construction business in the country. In retrospect, the company had already carved an icon of identity which puts us in a position to be proud of what we have now and what we will be in the future.

GBD has succeeded in completing the given projects and services in an effective manner that has three main Sectors: construction, building
materials and development. We always take pride in providing quality performance for our clients’ satisfaction and will uphold our reputation for integrity in the community (marketplace) and provide an ethical work
environment for all of our employees.

We will continue to be the best in the industry-leading provider and continue to maintain our remarkable image of social standing”.




Our Company enjoys the reputation to accomplish its schedules within the budgetary provisions with utmost satisfaction of our clients. Quality of work has been witnessed from our ongoing and previous projects within time under the command and control of strong management. Besides, the service of our company exceeds the expectations of our esteemed clients, which too due to emphasis upon quality and excellence.

We are committed to the fair selection, development of diverse workface in order to provide our growth within a healthy environment.

Our experience towards high turnover of manpower during the fiscal year 2022-2023, the process of recruitment of fresh candidates to
strengthen our workface did not stop in order to maintain of our projects.

Our company believes that the honesty, integrity is the key to grow our business at large and dealing with our Partners. Our team consisting on treasure of people who discharge their abilities and experiences with hardworking and enthusiasm, and I believe that they shall continue to serve more efficiently and diligently and make us proud on any occasion.

We are committed to deliver our quality of work, with the reasonable prices against the market values within the desired time frame and
satisfaction and facility to our valuable clients to enable both to maintain wellbeing atmosphere in the large interest of our business.




We are the family so far business is concerned and on any project the team work of our employees together with our Partners and clients are being treated as part and parcel of our extended family.

Our company is contributing its vital role in the growth of our beloved country in the field of Constructions. The prime example which gives us dignity and honor was the launching of our famous projects namely “Fatima Golf Residency” and “Khadeeja Heights” which provided our company with full support and further progression.

The success is not achieved merely on the basis of constructing high rise projects but truthfulness, trust, honesty in the dignified manners with cream of qualified team coupled with better relations with esteemed clients are necessitude.

The construction field is growing day to day basis with the significant charges across the world with new techniques and technologies
more-so converting into scientific manners in the prevailing globalizationas well as it is now converted, from traditional and old schools of thoughts, however the ongoing changes made the employers towards certain changes to make their business as model one.

Our company is also striving to deliver effective construction solutions with the modern technologies and no doubt the G.B.D has proved itself as a reliable, dependable and market competition.

We should promise ourselves that we shall make our company more successful and productive with our passion, keenness, hardworking towards modernization with our team work and bring new innovations,designs and ideas.

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